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Just 100 metres from the hotel is the yacht club, which has a surfing, windsurfing and canoeing school with equipment hire, and just a short distance away is the Polo Est sports centre, which organises sports events and tournaments.
To brighten up your evenings, on the beach just in front of the hotel Beky Bay organises live music shows, concerts and comedy shows. There's also Gelso Park, where visitors can take long walks along the tree-lined paths and around the elegant lake. Inside the park, there is a new sports centre where facilities include a wellness centre, indoor pool and gym and where courses for various sports are held.
Famous for its numerous nearby amusement parks, the Riviera is also the ideal base for trips into the wonderful inland areas, which are rich in traditions and history.
Boat trips along the coast are also available. Rimini Exhibition Centre is only 8 km away.

The region on the Adriatic coast is certainly full of places where one can have fun, for example the very many and very original amusement parks: thematic parks, water amusement parks, for school classes, for kids....shortly a whole range of opportunies that one cannot miss and from which to choose what one likes best.

In an area that covers only few kilometers there is the highest conctentration of amusement parks in all Europe, this area is called "Riviera dei Parchi" (Riviera of Amusement parks), every time unique emotions! Wonderful aquariums, fantastic dolphin pools, exciting water amusement parks and thematic parks where adults and children can live unforgettable emotions. Immerse yourselves in the most spectacular and involving atmosphere of the Romagna Riviera!

Mirabilandia - Ravenna
Mirabilandia is the biggest Park in Romagna and one of the most important ones all over Italy and Europe. The park is divided in many differst areas, one of the most striking areas is "Bimbopoli" (Kids' Town), which is the biggest town in Italy (8000square meters) with attractions for children aged between 3 and 10.

Atlantica - Cesenatico
It is of the most famous and visible parks of the Adriatic coast, it is visited every year by tourists coming from all over Italy and Europe. The giant whale (scale 1:1) is the symbol of Atlantica; it is at the very entry of the park from where it immediately attracts the children's attetntion, you can walk inside its body in shallow water with colourful rubber life belts.

Delfinario - Rimini
Check out underwater and admire the swift Dolphin's way of swimming. The most friendly and clever creature of the Sea, the Dolphins amaze us in numerous ways. The Rimini's Delfinarium hosts a group of Dolphins belonging to the 'Tursiops truncatus' species, there are females, adult males and their siblings born these last years. Watch how they behave and discover how a Mother take care of her creature.

Italia in Miniatura - Rimini
The unique experience of exploring the cultural heritage of Italy and Europe through 270 perfect in scale reproductions of monumets and architecture masterpieces. The pleasure of discovering and understanding thanks an unusual mix of attractions and games: this is the essence if Italy in Miniature!

Fiabilandia - Rimini
Fiabilandia covers an area of 120,000 square meters on which you can find several attractions. Inside the park there is also a building where every year variuos fairs about different themes are held. They are usually about educational themes: life under water, educational games, the origins and history of scary tales, recycling and many others.

Aquafan - Riccione
Aquafan - even if it has always been known as the most famous aquapark in Europe - owes its success to that fact that it is not merely an aquapark. In this context, the active involvement of Radio Dee Jay is very important - a landmark for young people and the leading private radio in terms of listeners. And then there is the evening, when the Walky Cup discotheque opens - by now for many years a landmark for night-life on the Romagnola Riviera, thanks to the attentive and artistic direction of Linus.

Imax - Riccione
Imax is a totally innovativean cinema "extralarge." An extraordinary space trip,an escalade to Everest,a dive to the bottom of the sea... at the Imax it is everything real! In June, the cinema that you never saw before.

Oltremare - Riccione
Oltremare is the new theme park on the hills near Riccione, near Aquafan. Open 12 months/year, Oltremare is the result of investments totalling more than 70 million Euro by entrepreneurs active for many years in the area: Aquafan and Delphinarium - Riccione. The park boasts a wealth of walks and stimulating contact with Nature - it is the outcome of an innovative architectural project, where spectacular American technology and experience joins forces with Italian creativity.

Situated in the centre of Italy and well served by the principal European cities, Rimini is the symbol and the ideal place of diversified tourism. Rimini, ancient and modern, popular and cultured, spectacular and craftsmanlike was sung about and immortalised by the Maestro of Italian cinema, Federico Fellini, whose art brought the legendary place to the attention of the world.

San Marino
San Marino
At 750 m. above sea level, in the world's smallest and oldest sovereign state which has maintained its freedom and independence for centuries, you are already abroad. From Mount Titano, the profiles of the three towers (Guaita, Cesta and Montale) stand out, symbols of the Republic which boasts, among its other glories, a noteworthy history and tradition of stamp and coin collecting, much appreciated all over the world.

A portal to the past, a special place, a pearl in the Valmarecchia "of the poets": this is Santarcangelo! And it is here that the poets of the "Circal de giudeizi" meet, together with their movement's founder, Tonino Guerra. Don't miss Rocca Malatestiana, the Capuchin convent, the nineteenth-century fish hatchery, the Arch and Square dedicated to Pope Ganganelli, the mysterious tuff-stone caves and the wrought-iron and canvas rust-printing crafts shops.
San Leo

San Leo
In the heart of Valmarecchia, on a 600 m. hill, stands San Leo, the historic capital of the Montefeltro family. As well as its fortress, the Pieve, and the Duomo, San Leo is also famous for the mysterious and fascinating personage, Count "alchemist" Cagliostro, who was imprisoned in the fortress and died there in 1795.

From its strategic position it dominates the splendid panorama of Valmarecchia. Don't miss, apart from the Rocca, the Collegiata of Saints Martin and Francis of Assisi, and the Civic Museum of Archaeology.
A classic old hamlet, enclosed within a long boundary wall where the imposing picturesque castle, a superb example of military architecture, completes the medieval centre. The Rocca was completed by the Malatesta family between 1307 and 1325, and subsequently renovated several times. Legend has it that in Gradara, the Malatesta household was the setting of the tragic love between Paolo and Francesca, sung by Dante: "My mouth she kissed, all a-tremble..."

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